This makes me think about Religion and the Human Mind.

The Human’s greatest power is also its greatest weakness: the Mind.

We can know something is unreal, we can consciously enter into a situation that we know is unreal, that has been verified as unreal, and proven in the past and many times over to be unreal; but, if we allow our minds to, they can make the unreal real to us and give us the same psychological and physical reactions to the unreal as we have to the real.

That power has fueled human inventions, but also made us slave to the very thinks we invent or subject ourselves to.

The mind is a very powerful organ/instrument/weapon, and we all know what happens when we behave irresponsibly with powerful instruments; it always ends in catastrophe.

So seeing this guy scream, get all emotional, and lose control in the presence of what he once knew, and should still know is unreal (because the muthafucka paid admission, and knew he was going into a haunted house, and being startled is expected, but after the initial shock, his rational mind should have took over, but it didn’t); this is a short and graphic reminder of how belief in gods and adherence to religious doctrine works and impacts the mind.

Religions runs much deeper though, it targets children who’ve yet to fully develop their cognitive abilities, and then it targets the traumatized because human cognition is greatly reduced in times of great stress or when the mind is in flight or fight mode. That’s why the majority of people who are bound by religion and gods came to “know god” in childhood or times of great stress in their lives.

The “successful” Global Religions understand this the best; hell, the Catholic Church invented Propaganda; and Islam is masterful at playing on the suffering of those under its influence and rationalizing their suffering to feed the Elite within the Islamic faith.

Hell I bet the guy in this video will be in someone’s house of worship this coming Friday/Saturday/Sunday (depending on which God or Dogma captures him); trying to surrender his mind to a different fantasy than the one that scared him in this video.