On the Black & Brown “Alliance.”

Question; what do Blacks and Browns have in common (in the context of
political and economic agendas and aspirations)? Do Browns tie their
interest and struggles to Blacks?

How do Browns treat the Blacks
who live in Latin American; in places like the Dominican Republic,
Mexico (that has over a million Black citizens), Brazil (that has higher
rates of police brutality against Blacks than the US), Panama, Puerto

How are Blacks treated in Latino controlled or Latino majority areas and cities like LA and Southern FL?

I don’t say Black and Brown, because there’s no official, or balanced alliance between Blacks and Browns.

Back during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras people used to say
Blacks and Jews, like they say Black and Brown now. Look how that played
out. What did the Jews do for us once they entered them mainstream of
America? Now that the Browns are the Majority-Minority in the US, have
they kept Black issues and interest on the table along side theirs?

Have we, as a community really examined Black and Brown unity beyond
the rhetoric.  Has there been an assessment of this long standing
relationship.  Are both side contributing and benefiting equally?

signs used to be up all over America, and Blacks would run around
talking about Blacks and Jews this, and Blacks and Jews that; now look.
Jews are the wealthiest Ethnic group in the US, and Blacks are still as
poor as we were before these signs went
up.  Jews have also join the Right-Wing, and Racist Conservatives, as
some of the primary funders of White and Racist organizations in the US.

looks like the Black and Brown alliance is going to play out the same
way.  Affluent Browns are already drifting towards the Right and
evolving into Whites.

have to stop thinking that, just because a people suffer some of the
same persecution as we do that they are our natural allies, that’s not
how history or alliances work.  I’m not against allegiances, but I’m
done supporting one-sided alliances.