So, what do you think about Mark Essex? I’m not part of any race or politics. His victims were random “whites” including if I’m not mistaken random “black” victims. Where is the structure of black power in his actions? You also can’t justify his acts because of what white racists do. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you do think there is black power in his actions, why not just get to killing “whites” on sight and see what happens?

See, this is why I  can’t fuck with White Liberals, this right here. 

When you White you can play that “I’m not part of any race…” bullshit. Let a Brotha try that and he wouldn’t make it one block. 

Since our ancestors didn’t Invade, Rape, and Rob the world of it’s resources, then horde those resources within our Race for generations, non-Whites don’t have the option of taking vacations from our Race, we can’t say; “hey Mr. Policeman, I’m not Black just now, I’m going Race neutral for the fall, an then I’m gonna be White for the coming Winter and Spring.”  A Black dude couldn’t even get all that out of his mouth before he’s tazed, shot, or choked.  But your White Liberal ass can.  So fuck you and your abundance of options within the Systems and Institutions of White Domination. 

Also, fuck your refusal to claim any “politics;” again you don’t have to because your Race Kin have set shit up for you, they got shit on lock so you can frolic through the fucking tulips until you are ready to shave, take a bath, put on a suit and take over the Systems and Institutions of White Dominion, from your parents and grandparents.  So fuck your apolitical stance. 

I already told you what the fuck I had to tell you on the issue, but here you is again, ignoring what the fuck a said, and attempting to force me to do what it is you want me to do, instead of respecting my right to say what the fuck I wanted to say. 

Any other person, besides an entitled White (pretending to be “of no Race”) dude would have accepted what I said and moved on by now, but not you; not Mr. Apolitical, White you.  Nope, cuz you don’t know what it’s like not to be the shit, not to be the center, not to get what you want, even when you reject all that fucking ill-gotten privilege, and false superiority, you know it’s there and you tap into it when you need too.

So, I’m not answering your fucking questions, fuck off, and when you get back to being White and political, I hope you realize that I knew you were full of Liberal Shit long before you did. 

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