How Can Whites Help Us?

I’m sharing with all Good Whites what I was gonna share with this concerned White citizen:

“Oh, Whites can be hella helpful, but not to us, yall can be helpful to yall selves.

Yall breathing the contaminated air, eating the Toxic food, and drinking the polluted water just like the rest of humanity.

Yall are indoctrinated, under surveillance, and exploited by the White Elites.

White youth are sent all over the world to kill and die for White Elite
interest, then come home to kill and mutilate yourselves to the tune of
20 veterans a day.

Whites are also so alienated that yall consume the most drugs, both illegal and illegal in this nation, in the world.

So, yall can help the world by helping yourselves. It is as much in the
interest of the White masses to bring down the Systems and Institutions
of Global White Domination, and Omnicidal Capitalism, as it is to
non-Whites interest.

So, don’t worry about saving anyone but your
own, I know your indoctrination has taught you that yall are the
civilizers, the bringers of peace and rationality to the darker Races,
but that’s some bullshit yall need to let go of.

Save Yall Selves.”