Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has passed. Rest In Power to the teacher. Do you think the world she leaves behind is better than the world she was born into?

Well it all depends on where you look.

The Black community’s overall understanding of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination is better, and our sensitivity to the symbols and rituals of White Domination has also improved, and Dr. Welsing made a major contribution to that effort.

Before her work and collaborations with Neely Fuller, many of us didn’t have the vocabulary to even describe, let along fully analyse what we were being subjected to, and why we were being subjected to it.  Now we have Black folks in mainstream media talking about “White Supremacy, White Aggression, White Privilege, White Domination, etc.”  Dr. Welsing was a big part of that.  

If you can’t name something, you can’t understand or address it.  Hell, Negros were scared to even acknowledge Racism before the emergence of our African Centered Scholars and Psychologist like Dr. Welsing. We tend to forget that in an era where we now speak openly about such issues.  

I swear, 90% of the Black homes I’ve been in have a copy of The Isis Papers: Keys to the Colors.  I’ve been in the homes of our Revolutionary Icons, Great Scholars, and they all have a copy of that book.  Even in the homes of apolitical, or Integrationist Blacks have a copy of that text.  So, Dr. Welsing’s influence can’t be diminished or understated.  

As far as our overall vulnerability to White Aggression, the state of the planet’s ecosystems, and the drive for neocolonizaiton of the 3rd World have all gotten worse over her lifespan. 

So, some shit is better, some shit is worse, but I think Dr. Welsing did her part to make positive contributions to the just aspirations of African people.