Brother Diallo, recent scientific studies on the brain have shown, btw I know science be on that bullshit especially as it relates to black folk but still, those studies show that the brains of mass murders and psychopaths is wired different. Since we know that white people collectively are the only group on the planet to commit genocide on every known continent does this mean these folks brain are different? If so what is the cure?

Yeah, Dr. Bobby E. Wright all of this scientific and historical analysis and condensed it into a pamphlet sized text called “The Psychopathic Racial Personality.” Every Black person should have a copy of this text. 

Some scholars and social scientist say that Western Culture makes Whites behave in their hyper-aggressive Omnicidal manor.  Others state that it’s the arctic origins of the White race that’s to blame.  Others say it’s the calcified penile gland.  Others say that they are simply the puppet of Reptilian Humanoids from outer space, and they make Whites do all that evil shit. 

The reality is, it don’t really matter why Whites have attempted to invade, colonized, and enslave the rest of humanity, why they have forced the rest of humanity to engage in ecocide economics, why they have amassed weapons and other technology the can totally destroy the life sustaining capacity of the earth.  None of that shit matters right now.

What matters is erecting barriers to White Aggression, dismantling the infrastructure, economy, and weapons of Global White Domination; what matter right now is saving the world’s ecosystems and non-White cultures from total oblivion.  

There are populations of Whites who are allies of humanity, like those who are in groups like the Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, Various White Anarchist Cadres, Revolutionary Communist, and Deep Green Resistance.  

After the immediate threat that Capitalism and Western Culture presents to the world are quelled, we can then take our time to study the reasons, the whys; but right now, we don’t really have that luxury.  We know what the threat is, and we know we must engage and overcome that threat.  That’s enough to move forward with.  

The cure is to remove the power and capacity of the psychopath to act on their psychopathy.