Hotep, are you familiar with Dr. Runoko Rashidi and his teachings? It’s exciting to know that we, the Africans, are the first humans. We settled all over the world. It’s a shame there’s no place left on Earth untouched by the White man’s

I’m very familiar with Dr. Rashidi’s lectures and research; especially his works on the Black presence in Asia.  I’d put him up there with the likes of Anthony Browder, Ansar Kwesi, hell, even the likes of Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke, John G. Jackson, and the late Asa Hillard.  Much respect due.  I’m also glad that you only asked my about my familiarity with him and not my critiques; people are always asking me to critiques such giants, and I don’t feel worthy (but I do it anyway).  LOL!

I have a question for you; what of the White man has touched all of the Earth, that you think is shameful, you left that out of the last sentence.  LOL!  JK, I know what you were saying.