More Black Cops and Body Cams ain’t Gon Work.

Listen, I don’t like being the one who deflates the tires on the latest Bandwagon, non-Solution being pushed on the Black community, but….

To all these New Negros mobilizing the Black community form ‪#‎Ferguson‬ and beyond to protest, demonstrate, and rally for; 1. More Black Cops on the Police Force, and 2. For Body Camps on Cops; we need to understand that ain’t gon change shit!

Black cops will not protect us from the atrocities the police commit daily in our communities, most often the Black cops fully participate in the military encirclement and subjugation of the Black community by the police forces, and as this vid shows, these Black cops can’t even protect themselves and their immediate family from the abuse.

The incident…, I’m sorry; the crime was caught on tape, and I’m sure the tape of this crime is really popular at the parties and gatherings of the White NYPD officers, they play it for entertainment and to reminisce about the time they put that “Ni99er detective and his family in their place.” I’m telling yall, I swear, these sick cops will be masturbating to the videos of their brutality and murder when Obama is done equipping them all with Body Cams, it will not protect us.

Det. Thomas got Cosby-ed. (

(Cosby-ed: When a Negro with Status and apparent power, and full loyalty to a White System or Institution of Oppression is then attacked, harmed, or brought down by the very system that they were loyal to and they encouraged other Black people to be loyal and subservient to.)

Det. Thomas got Cosby-ed and still tryna find a way to forgive, a way to embrace the System that Cosby-ed him.

Imagine if a group of Black youth (aka “thugz”) had attacked Det. Thomas and his family in the exact same way. He’d strap up and try to kill ever young Brotha in sight, he’d denounce all Black youth, the Black community, and tour the nation giving speeches about how fucked up Black culture is.

But when New Negros are attacked by the cops, they don’t denounce the System, the nation, or the White Race, they don’t even denounce all of the cops who were present at the assault!

Well, anyway; I hope all this emerging evidence that Black Cops and Body Cams ain’t the solution will resonate and we finally begin to develop real, systemic, and radical solutions to this and the many other problems that confront us in these Fascist States of America.

One more thing, even if you are making a good living in this system…(because you put Fiat currency and the ability to consume goods produced in sweatshops as “living good,” and detach the concept from things like; breathing clean air, social justice, historical reparations, etc.), you should be careful not to belittle or demean the rest of us who are not “living good.”

Enjoy the spoils of Empire, but be humble, on make sure your criticisms of people and conditions are accurate, well thought out, properly articulated, and within the proper context.

Or else when you get Cosby-ed, there will be little sympathy for you, not even White people will respect you, even though you’ve spent your life enriching them because people instinctively despise traitors, they don’t trust them either.

Even if your treason is in service to the Systems of White Domination, the Whites will still hate and distrust you. So, don’t be out here Cosby-ing, and you won’t get Cosby-ed.