Bruh, i may sound crazy for this, but what are your thoughts on eating women out? I’ve always felt a way about it. Originally, as a young guy i was scared I wouldn’t be good at it (first red flag). Then i tried it and had bad experiences (#2). Then i had a few relationships where i decided i wouldn’t do it unless circumstances were right, which wasn’t a good thing for my lady(s) (#3). Now currently, as i think of reasons to justify my contempt for it, I developed this theory that it is emasculat

I think this is my first ever question concerning Sex, or relationships.  

TBH, I don’t really think about “eating women out,” but I will just now……*thinking…thinking…thinking……OK done:

Now that I’ve thought about it, I think it’s a good thing provided that both participants are into it.

You don’t have to worry, “eating women out” is not emasculating; I’ve yet to see or hear a woman express that she thinks lesser of her man and his manhood because he performed oral sex on her, it’s actually kinda the opposite.

But I really don’t think that’s your problem, that you think oral sex is emasculating. Also, I have rarely seen men who had“contempt” for “eating women out,” without also having some level of contempt or resentment for a woman’s vagina, and the woman the vagina is attached to.  I think you have some level of contempt for women, or at least the women you attract or the women who are attracted to you.

I’m not saying this because you are not interested in oral sex, but because you used the word “contempt;” look up that definition, it’s not the usual word one uses to describe something that they are not into, or uninterested in, then when you tie that to the absurd notion you have that “eating a woman out” is emasculating; I got red flags all over the field (forgive the sports reference if it dosen’t make any sense, I don’t really know sports, but I wanna come across as manly as possible due to the subject matter).

I would encourage you not to engage in oral sex, hell, not to engage in any sex, until you really work out your views on women, not just the vagina and oral sex, I think your issues go deeper.

If it is a simple matter of not being interested in oral sex, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to engage in any sex act you are not into, I don’t care what it is, you have no obligation.

You are obligated to articulate your preferences, your likes, dislikes, attractions, and shit that repulses you to your potential and active partners. 

Communication, communication, communication.

If I’m wrong, and your contempt dosen’t extend beyond the act of “eating a woman out,” I’m sure you can find a woman who is as uninterested in being ate out are you are uninterested in eating out, and yall can have a fulfilling, oral sex free relationship; or, as I suspect; a fulfilling ‘receive/but never give’ relationship.  I’m sure that woman is out there, and I hope you find her and win her heart.