Do you think the rise of IS and the new gulf war will have any effect on state of African Americans and/or our efforts to organize, whether beneficial or negative? Could we use it to our advantage? Could it stall the government and their efforts to have total control and surveillance of the African population in the US?

There’s nothing new about the Gulf War, the current Imperial Aggression started with HW Bush in the late 1980s, then Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama have just sustained the aggression, but Western Aggression in the region date back to the founding of the first Western Empires, hell back to the Christian Crusades and the atrocities they committed.  Ain’t shit new, but the rhetoric and spin the media is putting on the Western Aggression in that region and around the world.

Also, ISIS, IS, ISIL, Ice Ice Baby, or what ever the corporate media is calling them now are a CIA/MI5/Mossad construct, a boogie man. #FalseFlag.

Given the current state of the Black Struggle in the US, it’s not really relevant to our efforts, these events should be, our struggle should be internalized, but we are still trying to recover from the damage COINTELPRO did to our struggle in the 1960s. 

We could use the West’s entanglements in the so-called Middle East to our advantage, the Leftist in Latin America surly have, but we are not.  I wish we were, but we are not at an advanced enough stage in our struggle to do so effectively. 

It’s not gonna stall the government surveillance of the Black community because the goddamn New Negro leaders are begging the government for just that.  They got the families of Trayvon Martin boosting for further disarmament of Black people and the Mike Brown family boosting universal Body Cams for all cops, and Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus are moving aggressively to do all that and more. SMH.

The sincere Revolutionist elements in the Black community have so much fucking work to do, and so little time and resources. 

We hey, who’s better for this task than us, right?