Why do whites try to bring us down to their level of insanity by trying to cite the Rwandan Genocide as evidence “see blacks commit genocides too!”. I’m not even sure if it was really a genocide or not, even if it really was, one historically recorded genocide doesn’t even bring Africans near the white people insanity.

There was no genocide in Rwandan, one could call it Fratricide; killing of one’s own brothers and sisters. The Hutus and the Tutsis are the same damn people, they had been intermarrying, and coexisting long before the White invaders reached their shores.  

The French colonialist played on tribal divisions, but they are from the same genetic stock.  Really, the German Holocaust was Fratricide too, what Whites did in Africa, Asia, and the Americas is actually genocide. 

It may seem like semantics, but I think these distinctions are important.

Also, the only major media outlet to report that White mercenaries were directing and participation in the killings was Democracy Now, all other major media ignored this fact.  

Finally, the death toll is estimated to be 800,000, which is tragic, but well under the numbers generated by internal European conflicts and ethnic wars.  Bosnia was over 3 million, the Armenian genocide comes in at 1.5 million, Whites killing over 100 million in Africa, Asia, and the Americas in their conquest, that’s over 100 million in region, not only are these death tolls extremely conservative, they are ongoing genocides, the deaths are still adding up from European colonization and occupations!

Finally, you can’t find a mass atrocity, or killings anywhere in Africa, Asia, Australia, or the Americas that are not directly tied to European invasion, colonization, and occupations of those lands and people. 

Oh, wait, it’s irresponsible to discuss the real death tolls, and who’s to blame without mentioning the animals and ecosystems that have been destroyed by Europeans and their Capitalism.  

Whites are the King of the Killers, which is amazing considering that not only are the a global minority, they have been on the stage of human history for the shortest amount of time.

White scholars and social scientist like Thom Hartman assert that Whites behavior on earth has been akin to a cancer or virus; Derrick Jensen observed that “Western Culture has a Death Urge,” Sigmund Freud said the same thing in his own way.

The reason that Whites like to pretend that “all of mankind” is the same as they, that all Races would have, or do engage in the same orgy of genocide and ecocide as they is because it allows them to dilute their impact, it allows them to distort their history and our understanding of both history and how the world has come to be the way it is today.  

All abusers and aggressors try to either blame their victims, or state that their victims are equal to them in their crimes and violence.  

Since Whites own both the global media and control most educational systems, even in Africa; we don’t get the real history, White Atrocities are downplayed and Black Atrocities are inflated or distorted.  That’s why you get so many people, even Blacks who truly believe that Black people are more violent, destructive, and war-like than Whites. 

Propaganda Works.