Pan-African PSA: Holy Books & Their Believers.

The Bible, Koran, and all of the Holy Books are composed of Parables, Mythology, and Folklore; they are not Historical, Literal, or Factual!

Parables are fictional stories that teach a lesson.

Mythology is supernatural stories that explain otherwise unexplained or unexplainable phenomenon.

Folklore are kinda like parables, but they have an element of fact or truth, they are often based on real historical events or real historical figures; but folklore embellishes the truth, it expands it, it fuses it with myths and legends in order to emphasize a lesson, exaggerate a historical figure, or simply to make the event or historical figure more memorable or interesting.

Folklore fucks up people because of the historical or truth elements within it. Religions or faithful people take a nugget of fact or evidence within Folklore and run with that shit. They take the illogical position that; if there’s one element of truth or fact in the Holy Book then the whole damn book is truth, it’s validated by this nugget of truth that can be verified. It’s some dumb shit, but that’s how it goes.

The Religious will take the fact some archeologist found some ruins in an area that is supposed to be a site where Sodom and Gomorrah stood as evidence that everything in the Bible is true. They take a prophecy that “there will be wars,” to be supported by the fact that there are wars today, and say “Gods Revelations are being reveled!!” But the Christians ain’t the only ones running this hustle; the Mohammedans will say that Prophet Mohammad really existed, therefore everything he ever said and everything that his followers wrote about him is true….and we are willing to kill you in horrendous ways to prove these facts. LoL! SMH.

I ain’t picking on the Mohammedans tho, the Christians still have a higher body count and a much deadlier arsenal than the followers of the Prophet.

Please my EBPs (Evidence Based People) don’t debate Parables, Mythology, or Folklore, it is a waste of time, and you can’t win that debate anyway, and believers are not interested in knowing, they just want to believe/ have faith (when it comes to their chosen God and religion is concerned).

By the time an individual has rejected History, Evidence, and Facts concerning an issue how do you expect to sway them with History, Evidence, and Facts?

Religion, the Holy Books, and the Irrational Believers are a threat, but that threat can’t be reduced or neutralized by reason, so don’t waste your time, or allow them to waste your time. Drop your jewels…or, I mean drop your “pearls” and move on, but don’t lock horns.