I really like your posts which are very informative ! It may sound ignorant , so I will apologize in advance ! But why would you think that the black race is going to extinct when our numbers (Population) is growing especially in continental africa ! Or did I miss something ?

Numbers alone do not ensure survival, they are not even evidence of a successful population, especially for complex and highly interdependent human populations. 

The biggest threat to the Black Race is Global Warming and the universal collapse of the world’s ecosystems brought on by Industrial Capitalism and its processes. 

When the air is polluted, the water is contaminated, the soil is rendered sterile, and the planet is fully saturated with toxic and radioactive waste, sheer numbers will not save you, it will just give you a larger mountain of corpses , or it may even delay the inevitable for a decade or two.

That married to the ongoing campaign of Genocide imposed on Black people and other “useless eaters,” by the White Global Elites leans toward a poor prognosis for the Global African population.

It is insufficient to simply reproduce ourselves in ever greater numbers, so that we my be an oppressed, exploited, and powerless mass of humanity. 

Our survival rests in Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, it rests in dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination and Industrial Capitalism.  Our survival rests in securing BLK PWR on a global scale.

I don’t care if there are a billion Africans or one thousand of us, if we fail to organize ourselves around Pan-Africanism and target the Omnicidal Systems of Oppression and Exploitation that grip the world, we are doomed.  All living systems and creatures on this earth are doomed. 

So, don’t get confident about the numbers, yes the European populations are aging and their growth rates are dwindling, yes the Third World populations are robust; but that has yet to change the global power dynamic or even slow down the rate of ecocide.  Also, there are so many non-Whites infected with the Western Mentality that the planet could still be doomed if the Imperial powers of the West totally collapsed tomorrow.  Oh, and that’s also assuming that these insane muthafuckas don’t decide to launch all them fucking nukes; because they feel that if they can’t have the world no one should, the sick bastards.

So, remained focused on Quality and Quantity; not just Quantity, what Quality of life will we have, the billions of us?  How will we be governed, how will we manage and share the wealth of our people, how will we sustain and support the world’s ecosystems?