Would you define the killers of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz(Malcolm X) as “house negroes’ or “field negroes”?

Well, the US government killed Malcolm X, the shooters, like the assassin of MLK, JFK, and Bobby Kennedy were patsies.  Both HN and FN have been used as patsies before; and still are today.

They were zealous men with strong convictions; they were FN by most standards, and since I don’t see any evidence that they even know they were doing the bidding of the very “White Devils” they professed to be against, I wouldn’t say they became HN in the act of participating in the conspiracy to kill MX.  HN consciously and enthusiastically serve Whites, but foolish FN are easily manipulated into serving White agendas even while they profess to hate Whites.