Global Con Game.

Sunlight, air, water, and land are all free, abundant, and regenerating. They are the source of all life and sustenance. We are the only living creatures who pay for access to them. We pay other people who have fenced off the land, bottled up and dammed the water, put restrictions on air space, and charge us for solar energy (i.e. food). We have been forced to exit the ecology and live within an economy; the economy is a fiction with fake money and artificial hierarchy. Many of us have been fully indoctrinated into embracing this global scam. The few of us who are aware that this is a sick game are forced to submit to it anyway because there are so many of you willing to kill and incarcerate to keep the rulers in power.

We come from a free and abundant ecology, but we accepted the lie that we came from vengeful, punishing, jealous, sexist, ignorant, and fictional gods. Therefore we put fictions over reality. We put the fiction of paper money, ethereal gods, social status, White supremacy, and inherent human selfishness over the reality of freedom and abundance.

All these clowns talking about mental and spiritual freedom, and the abundance of the universe; still respect and embrace this global con-game of economics and hierarchy. How the hell you looking to the cosmos and asking for abundance and allowing the elite to steal the abundance right at your feet?

We need a Global African Revolution to correct this. This current global system of social and economic relations are ominicial; they cannot be reformed, improved, or humanized.