Thoughts on Amnesty International?

Let’s pretend that AI is not a corrupt Liberal NGO that supports the systems and institutions of White Domination just like all other Liberal Institutions. Let’s just pretend that it’s really about human rights and social/international justice.

Even if that was the case; why is it that Western Institutions mobilize armies, aircraft carriers, and sattlite guided missels when it comes to imposing oppression, injustice, genocide, and the violation of human rights, but when Liberal Institutions that grow out of that very same culture only employ peaceful protest, petitions, and and politely worded reports when it comes to opposing oppression, injustice, genocide, and the violation of human rights?  Why is that?

Them fucking AI reports don’t even do shit, because the people suffering the atrocities they report on already fucking know they are suffering from atrocities, the corporations and governments carrying out the atrocities, or financing the atrocities already know, and the comfortable people in the First World don’t even give a fuck about the non-Whites suffering within their borders, so why the fuck would they give a fuck about non-Whites in the Third World! 

Why can’t the good White folks, the progressive ones, get their hands on some fucking bombers, some drones?  Why are Whites so good at killing for Imperialism, but not killing to oppose Imperialism.

I think organizations like AI are as crucial to Global White Domination as the CIA, the US Military, multinational corporations, or MI5, the Liberals are the velvet glove on the Iron Fist of White Domination.  They are the human mask on the sub-human, cannibalistic monster of Imperlism.

Why is it we gotta go all the way back to the 1850s to find a Good White Person who was willing to meet the White Oppressors with equal violence?  I’m talking about John Brown and his sons.  (There are a few other instances, but too few, and insignificant to bother listing.)

Ultimately, the responsibility of non-Whites liberating themselves from Western Imperlism, and the non-White servants and imitators of Western Imperialist belongs to those non-White victims of Western Imperlism, so I don’t give much weight to such liberal organizations, but it’s still a valid question to ask about why Whites tend to forget how to be violent when they are pro-justice, even though they well remember how to be violent when they are anti-justice. IJS. 

AI also has an aversion of getting to the root of the issues they pretend to care about because if they penetrated problems like poverty, mass murder, child abuse, the systemic rape and brutalization of women, it would require to take aim at their funders and host nations. 

I like this AI posters, because this is how they see themselves, a big ass White hand saving all these little hands of color, SMH.