What do you think about an artist that uses somewhat horrible language, but is trying to gain platform to make radical music against oppressors? And what do you think of Tupac? Will you write a book? I love your blog

To me, this whole language and culture is profane, and one can’t really articulate how truly Fucked Up this system is without using works like “Fucked,” so I focus on the validity of a statement as a whole instead of the particular words used to make the statement.

People who’ve committed some of the worst atrocities use the best grammar and terminology, so if you judge someone on their method of speaking over the content of their speaking you are setting yourself up for Elite manipulation.

I never listed to Pac’s music, but I realize what he means to generations of young Africans.  I think his impact leans towards the positive, but only slightly, and now that the mainstream has embraced him, and so many are trying to profit from his works, his legacy is in even greater jeopardy.

I’ll have at least two books coming out this year.

Thanks for taking to time to read and respond.