The U.S. ain’t US.

I repeat….for the umpteenth time:

Africans in the US are not citizens of the US, we are Subjects of the American Empire, we don’t pay taxes we pay tributes (or more accurately; tributes are extorted from us).

They call us citizens, and the money they extort from us taxes, but we know we are outside the system, we are under the system, not a part of the system. We who are conscious know this.

Note: One way for Africans to be fully Americans is for the full US Constitution to be scraped, the lands returned over to the Natives, and then the Natives dictate who can stay and who has to go, and what terms those who remain shall remain. Then a whole new Government and Governing Laws will have to be written with our people fully engaged in the process of constructing and defining the laws. Then and only then will we and our descendants be fully part of this nation, or any nation.

(This is one why for us to be fully American, but not the only way; it just shows that it will take a total Revolution to justly and fully integrate us into any nation, not some dishonest reforms and unenforced constitutional amendments.)

You don’t have your people tacked on the ass end of a corrupt and Racist US Constitution and then declare fully citizenship of that nation, that ain’t have nationhood or real citizenship is achieved!

After being Subjects of this nation for centuries, after having millions of our people learn to speak the fucking language and read the fucking history, we still ain’t figured that out?!?!

Malcolm X told us to never say “our government,” he said say “the government.”

The US ain’t us!

The sooner we accept this the sooner we will figure how to secure real liberty and our own independent power instead of serving the interest and power of those who are hostile to us, from Obama on down.