How do tote the line between race and class to form a radical movement?

We don’t tote the line, we engage on both fronts simultaneously. 
We work to Dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and we work to destroy Class Contradictions and Hierarchies within our Race. 

The good thing is that the two are so intertwined that we will automatically be affecting one as we do the proper work against the other. 

The Negro Elites in the West and the African Elites on the Continent are constructed and sustained by Capitalism and Western Imperialism; as we reduce and drive our Western Imperialism the Black Elites weaken and crumple in short order.  

Look at Baby & Poppa Doc in Hait, or Mobutu in the Congo; those are national examples of just how dependent the Black Elites are on the White Elites, and how vulnerable they are when they lose the support or favor of the White Elites.

We need aggressive Class Analysis within the Movement however, we have too many “Woke” or “Pro-Black” individuals that lack any level of Class Analysis, they eve make heroes and role models of our Black Class Enemies. Some even go so far as to dismiss the reality of Internal Class Contradictions among Blacks in order to promote “Black Unity.”  

So, we have to fight the Oppressors and their New Negro Allies; we have to promote Scientific Socialism and Cooperative Economics within the Black Liberation Struggle and among the Global African Community.

We must make our people aware that Marx did not invent Socialism or Class Analysis, that we have African and Africans-Centered Example of both dating back to early African nation-states, to the Quilombos in Brazil, or even the cooperative land holdings of Free Africans in the Americas. We also have John Henrik Clarke, E. Franlyn Frazier, Nkrumah and dozens of other Great African Leaders and Scholars who aggressively engage in the Class Struggle and the anti-Imperialist struggle.

We don’t have to neglect one to address the other. : #BroDiallo : #AWO