Diallo, I was reading about war on wikipedia because of some of the stuff you wrote about nuclear warfare, and this is what Mao Zedong, who you’ve also wrote about had to say about the matter: “Mao Zedong urged the socialist camp not to fear nuclear war with the United States since, even if “half of mankind died, the other half would remain while imperialism would be razed to the ground and the whole world would become socialist.” Thoughts? Do you fear nuclear war or not?

I don’t fear nuclear war because the world has already been saturated in nuclear fall out by the Western Nuclear powers and their client states of Israel, Pakistan, India, South Africa (under White settler rule) and Japan.  Plus Russia and the former Soviet Bloc nations have done their part in this mess.  These muthafuckas have contaminated the globe with radioactive waste and nuclear contamination, the media just don’t touch the subject.

The US, France, the UK, and the other Nuclear Powers have tested thousands if not millions of nuclear devices, they’ve tested them on land, in the upper atmosphere and in the depths of the oceans.  They even sprayed cities in the US and many other nations with radioactive isotopes to measure the effects of fallout on a civilian population.  They’ve taken naive people of small island nations off of their lands, exploited nuclear bombs on those lands, then returned those native back to that radioactive land and observed them for generations.  They have injected US prisoners with radioactive elements, young mothers, developing fetuses!  There’s nothing you can imagine that these muthafuckas have not done with nuclear waste and radioactive isotopes and elements.  These sick muthafuckas have been waging nuclear war against nature, all living things, and humanity since they first split the atom at the University of Chicago decades ago.

The Gulf War (of Aggression) committed against Afghanistan and Iraq by the US was a fucking nuclear war.  They have contaminated the whole region with depleted uranium!  That region of the world will be radioactive for several thousand years not, killing women, children, and men from now forward.  The mercenary US soldiers who traveled there to fight Bush’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s illegal wars in the regions have bought back radioactive depleted uranium in their blood streams, they are spreading throughout our communities when they piss and shit, when they have sex with women, when the die and their radioactive bodies are buried in the soil.

All of the food cultivated in Western Europe is fucking contaminated with nuclear waste from all of the nuclear reactors they erected there since the fucking 1950s. 

Japan has been dumping billions of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Oceans for over a year now!  Billions of gallons, they don’t even bother to measure, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it, the fucking Kardashians get more media coverage than the extinction level event taking place in Japan, right now, today.

This, everything I’ve state, that’s the shit that is know, we don’t know the classified shit they’ve managed to keep hidden.

So, what’s the point of fearing nuclear war? 

I don’t fear nuclear war, not at all.  The Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Capitalism are doing a great job of destroying the world’s life sustaining capacity without having a full-scale nuclear war any-fucking-way.

What is fear is the complacency of my People, that is what causes me sleepless nights.  White people and their genocidal aggression is a constant as the sunrises, it’s unchanging and consistent, so I can’t even invest much emotion in it.  I simply understand it and work to counter it; but the passivity of my people is something else.  We’ve seem to have bartered our very humanity for the few and transient comforts this sick system affords us. 

We have allowed a highly-technological, but emotionally primitive minority if White people to take over the world, and we seem so fucking comfortable with allowing them to kill this planet for profit while we seek petty status and fiat currency.  That’s what the fuck I fear, that Black people will not even Rebel and fight for the world, and our basic human dignity; I sincerely fear that more than nuclear war, more than losing my own life.

If White Domination, Western Industrialism, and Capitalism are not brought down then the world is doomed, if not by a full scale nuclear war, then by global warming (created by Western Industrialism), or by some runaway GMO/Terminator technology, by some weaponized nanotechnology, or some other shit that’s been imposed on the world by this sick, death obsessed White culture. 

Damn, your question has put me in a sour mood, but I appreciate you asking it.

Oh, and if you doubt me, then simply research the issue yourself; start with the work of Dr. Helen Caldicott.