What are you thoughts on poc solidarity following Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Manny? Did you peep all the antiblack tweets coming not only from whites, but from Mexicans and Filipino’s? Shit is fucked up.

I have not really followed the Money vs. Pac-Man fight.

I’m not a fan of Money, and the materialist, hyper-consumerism he promotes.  I don’t deny his emense talent, but he’s not a “people’s champion” like Ali, or many other elite Black Athletes, he’s a well paid Gladiator and a self appointed minstrel.

I know White folks hate him, they hate what they fear, and what do they fear more than Black excellece, even when that excellence not only dosen’t threaten them, but it’s used to earn for them, just like Obama, he loves them, their culture, and only wants full integration and to enjoy all the toxic pleasures that Western Capitalism has to offer. 

As for as Mexican and Filipino hate, that’s more complex.  Anti-Blackism is the world’s only universal ideology, and everyone hates the original people of the world.  In fact, you can’t even be accepted into the modern world unless your society expresses anti-Black or anti-African views and practices.  Anti-Blackness is a central to modern civilization as electricity, or the automobile, it has saturated the world.

On the flip side of that, so has Black culture, not just hip-hop either.  Mexico and the Philippines have even emulated Black liberation struggles from the Freedmen to the Black Panthers, Black people set the standard and tone for anti-imperial and anti-racist struggles around the world.  We have also shown solidarity for all victims of Western Imperlism and Western Aggression, we even defected and fought with Filipino freedom fighters against the US.  Just look up David Fagen.  Same with Mexico, there are millions of Black or Afro Latinos in Mexico and Latin America, and the Latin world is as Racist as the Western World.

None of this shit will be solved until the world is balanced, and one of the biggest obstacles to bringing the world to balance is humanities rejections of the original people, the Africans. 

This issues is so much bigger than two overpaid modern-day Gladiators, it’s so much bigger.

Keep exposing this shit, and fighting this shit.  If the other victims of Global White Domination don’t want to join us, so be it, we must continent the Struggle. 

All that being said, these anti-Black non-Whites don’t represent all of their people, and where we find solidarity we must show solidarity, and were we find anti-Blackism, we need to show that we will not be exploited or disrespected by anyone without putting up a fight.