What do you think about K Michelle’s critique of Iggy Azalea for her use of a southern accent while rapping when she is not from the south but Australia?

I’m sorry, beyond that camel toe incident when she was performing in Chicago, I don’t know anything about K. Michelle or her views.

As for as Iggy, she’s a typical Culture Bandit; just a corporate construction used to co-opt Black Culture and use it to promote Western Consumerism and Idiocy to the masses. 

Whites will not stop appropriating Black culture, because if they didn’t their own cultures would shrivel and die, but that don’t mean we have to validate or support Culture Bandits.  Let them do their BS while we support our artist that articulate and advance our culture, our interest, our Struggles.

Fuck Culture Bandits.
Fuck Modern Black Minstrels.

Starve them of our attention and our money, ignore them into obsolescence.