What are your thoughts on neutrality and objectivity? Also what are your thoughts on objectivism?

Howard Zinn stated that; “you can’t be neutral on a speeding train,” and I agree with him.  

Also, Kwame Ture stated that “if someone is attacking your mother, and you fail to take sides, then you are against your mother.” 

So, neutrality is acceptable when it comes a debate about apples tasking better than oranges, neutrality is not acceptable in issues of justice, oppression, and ecology.  When someone is neutral in issues dealing with the lives and well-being of other living beings and systems they are on the side of injustice.

As far as objectivity, it’s a commendable quality to have or aspire to. I work to be objective in evaluating everything, ranging from politics to disagreements with my wife.  We all fail and come up short on being objective cuz we are a big, mushy bowel of biochemical markers and stimulants, memories, assumptions, etc; but we should work objectivity in where we can and were it’s most appropriate.  

Objectivity is a distortion of objectivity, just like Individualism is a distortion or corruption of the individual.  It’s wonderful to be objective and an individual, but when you warp those states to be the core, and isolate them from the larger complexity of the person and the community, they become toxic.  

I reject Objectivity and the individualism it seeks to legitimize.  An objectivitst is anti-social, or a full blown psychopath.

You can be objective and embrace your individuality without descending into individualism and objectivism.