For Africans: Submission Corrupts, not Power.

White/Western Culture views a just and balanced society living in symbiotic harmony with nature as a utopian pipe dream. They have brutalized those cultures who mange to actually build just and balanced civilizations into rejecting their heritage as utopian as well.

This is the ultimate tragedy of Global White Economic and Cultural Domination, it has convinced the non-White world that we can do no better than the West in the constriction and operation of a society or nation.

We have abandoned the study and pursuit of African State Craft and African Power because we’ve been tricked to think that it would be no different than White Power, and White Empires.

The Whites told us that “power corrupts,” and we failed to point out that they were corrupt long before they ever took power. There is no shame or evil in aggressively pursing and securing African Power, and building powerful African Nations, we did it better than Europeans, and we will do it better again.

Power is not what’s corrupting Africans, it’s our submission to White Power that has corrupted us. Black Power is no corrupting, it is liberating.