Oppression Bingo.

There’s nothing that saddens me more than any Oppressed group doing
battle with another Oppressed group about who’s more Oppressed.  WTF?!!

Who the fuck does that help?

I poked the Feminist Hornet’s Nest this morning, and I’ve been seeing
Sanger Disciples (my name for Black Feminist) telling me how privileged I
am as a Black man in this System.  

Had a Sister run down to me all the good shit that’s going on for Black
men in the US; and here is my response to her, and any of yall who
wanna Compare Oppression. ‪#‎StopIt‬

“We ain’t set up none of that shit, we didn’t determine none of that shit, and that shit gets flipped at White folks whims!

You wanna fight me cuz Massa gave me some extra chittlins, or do you
wanna work to destroy the whole damn plantation and the Systems that
support it?


Should I run down the stats that favor Black women in this System now, do we play "who’s more oppressed bingo?”

Why don’t you visit ‪#‎MikeBrown‬’s grave site and explain to him what your are telling me, and I’ll go to ‪#‎SandraBland‬’s and tell her about how far along Feminism has brought Black women.

I wonder if Jewish women in the Warsaw Ghetto
argued with Jewish men about their opportunities to be guards, or their
responsibilities to distribute the rancid food rations, or their
appointed titles; like “body carriers.” SMH.

Like I said, Black
women could win full equality with the Black man, and she would still be
under a System of Oppression and Genocide, cuz we is.“