How did you become Pan-Africanist?

I grew up Poor & Black in the United States, so I was very aware of injustice from a young age. 

I started off wanting to address the many issues I saw in my local Hood (subsidized housing project), so I started off joining liberal organizations and working with liberal charities to “help the less fortunate.” I quickly saw that the charities didn’t want to end the poverty and dysfunction because that’s how they got paid, that just wanted to skim the surface of the issues.  So I abandoned liberalism.

As I educated myself more, and understood the problems of my little Ghetto were actual a microcosm of how the whole world functioned, with masses living in poverty and wage-slavery while a small elite enjoy the wealth and resourced of the world I came to see that Pan-Africanism was the best answer to Global White Domination that was not only oppressing humanity, but destroying the world’s ecosystems.  The Oppressor Caste also understand this, that’s why they invest so much in suppressiong and eliminating Pan-Africainsm.

I came to this conclusion through study of history, politics, public and international policy, and a keen and ongoing observation of the world around me.