Diallo, I’m a Hispanic white woman doing a PhD in Latin American Studies at a racist as fuck institution (U of C). I also teach undergrads there. Is there any point at all for me to work within the system of white domination to try contribute to its dismantling– via my teaching/research? Or there’s no dismantling possible? Will the system of white domination only collapse by implosion, led by its own psychopathic nature? What are my possible exits from this shit, as a white person? Thank you.

The Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination only have three possible outcomes, Erosion, Collapse, or Dismantling.

Both the Erosion and Collapse of this system will destroy the life sustaining capacity of the planet’s ecosystems; there will be no complex lifeforms or viable ecosystems left if this (doomed) Global System is allowed to run its course.

Right now GWD is deeply in the Erosion phase globally, with local and regional economic and ecological collapses occurring as well.

The goal is to get out ahead of the Erosion and Collapse and work to systematically dismantle the Systems and Institution, while using the infrastructure, materials, and resources secured during that dismantling to erect a just and sustainable world. 

All of this is still possible, there is time, but very limited time, very, very limited time.

There are absolutely no exits from this System because it is both Global and Omnicidal; it reaches everywhere and will kill everything, eventually.  There are temporary shelters and sanctuaries all over the world and within the US; and I see many people retreat to these shelters and temporary sanctuaries, and when/if the oppression and dysfunction arrives at their doorstep, the pack up and run again, but eventually they will run out of places to run to; this is an ineffective and immoral option if you ask me.  The only dignified and honorable option is to confront and fight GWD and capitalism where you stand, or move to a place where you can more effectively mount opposition.

As a White person, I think there is much one could do.  First I would encourage you to reject Liberalism and Reform as strongly as you reject Conservatism and the Status Quo; they are both corrupt world views and agendas that only legitimize GWD.  You’ll have to embrace a Radical, Revolutionary outlook and plan-of-action.

You should strategically teach the students the truth, I don’t know if you have tenure, or how secure your position is, but once you start teaching the truth about the world today and history, you will come under attack, and being able to defend your positions with all of the data, evidence, and peer reviewed docs in the world won’t matter; I know this from experiences.  Academia cares about facts and evidence about as much as Religion does when the power structure is questioned, challenged, or threatened.  Don’t try to change UofC, just focus on the students and colleagues who share you understanding or awakening to your understanding.  Organize independent study groups and support groups if your ability to articulate the truth and urgency of the state of the world is too limited in the classroom. 

But to the extent that you can expose more people to the reality of the world and where humanity is headed the better.

Beyond that you can support or join many of the radical Revolutionary formations and contribute to and advance the fight against GWD.  You have the Revolutionary Community Party, Deep Green Resistance, Radical Feminism; and even more radical and subversive organizations and formations like the ELF and ALF.  In fact, Whites have more options for resistance and organization than most other cultures and Races.  Being members of the Ruling Race has its advantages, even as you mobilize to commit Class and Cultural Suicide. 

Avoid Reformist and Liberal organizations, they will put you on a reformist, activism treadmill and waste your time and efforts.  Leave the reform struggle to the reformist, and only give your skills, resources, time, and energy to Revolutionary struggles. 

One more thing; Whites have risen up numerous times in history to overthrow tyrants and oppressive systems only to erect even more oppressive systems and more genocidal tyrants; so you need to put extreme focus on White Cultural and Psychological Transformation.  There is a risk, that if we manage to stop industrial and finance capitalism from exploiting the world to extinction, and we reorient the world from generating profit to living withing the ecological limits of our local and regional ecologies; that Whites will once again seek to dominate the sustainable world that comes after this one.  Look at the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Communist Revolution, the Progressive Reforms, the New Deal; no matter the revolt or reform, the undercurrent of White Aggression and Domination held steady.  This is something White people have to come to terms with and correct.  I don’t want to get too deep into this, but maybe you can take a look at ‘The Iceman Inheritance,’ when you get a chance. 

There are many who argue that Whites cannot overcome this impulse, that what’s within them to commit genocide on every populated land mass, and create capitalism and nuclear weapons is innate and unchangeable.  It’s up to Whites to prove them wrong.