Wow, what wonderful lessons and levels we get to observe in this video Black folks.

The first lessons is obvious to us, White Aggression at the hands of cops, we don’t even have to deal with that.

The second lesson is White Liberalism; the passengers, the guy who
taped the abuse, peep them.  Notice how they sat silent during the
abuse, but as soon as the goon came back to inflict more abuse and
threats the sat silent.  The White Liberals are quick to point out the
Racial injustice but they ain’t bout to
risk their lives, their status, their comforts, their standing to help a
non-White person, a non-White population, or a non-White nation.  

Finally, the Asian guy catching hell is what is called a Model minority,
a minority that follows the rules, that “values education,” a minority
that achieves within the systems and institutions of White Domination
without protesting, rioting, or inconveniencing the White majority by
reminding them of their past or current racial atrocities and

These model minorities are reward with money and
higher rates of consumption, but the deep cultural contamination and
psychological scars of their capitulation are just beginning to surface
with their later generations within the US.

One more related not;
we forget that Blacks were once a model minority in this land.  When
the Irish, Catholics, Eastern European Jews, and even Asians were
considered trouble makers, they would riot, engaged in crime, and would
refuse to integrate and assimilate into America Culture.  The Whites who
hated these groups would hold Blacks up as people who “knew their
place,” people who “knew the value of hard work,” and people who “didn’t
make trouble.”  We had relatively low incarceration rates and a hunger for education.  Don’t take my word for it, look up Black people in the Reconstruction Era and the Post-Reconstruction Era.  The same shit they say about Asians they said about us.

But after generations of passively taking kicks in the ass in exchange
for prosperity that never came, or after realizing that that
“prosperity” didn’t remove the bite of Racism and White Domination, we
began to devalue (Western) Education and started making trouble; well
some of us, there are still many ‪#‎NewNegro‬ who are as well-behaved as the other model minorities.

Anyway, after a few generations these model minorities, or their grandchildren will see the light, or not, time will tell.

But we should study this because present in this short video is a
graduate course in Political Science, Psychology, Cross Cultural
Studies, and History.