Bad Cops Only.

If there was such a thing as “Good Cops” there would be thousands of corrupt police officers tried or incarcerated after being reported, detained, and arrested by other officers. Show me duh mug shots!

If there were “Good Cops” there would be dozens of departmental strikes or sit-ins organized by cops to stop or obstruct Racist and Fascist policies of their departments. Where dey do dat at?

If there were “Good Cops” there would be shoot out’s between them and the “Bad Cops” in order to protect lawful citizens from the “Bad Cops.” When has that ever happened?

There are no Good Cops, there are good people who work for the police departments, but that don’t mean shit when they don the badge; they have to uphold to the protocols and culture of the institutions they have taken the oath to uphold.

That’s how institutions work, they are immune to the views of the individual workers. If you work for or with an oppressive Institution, then you are contributing to the oppression of their victims, Sorry. I don’t care if you are a cop, accountant, or a janitor for that oppressive institution.

I worked in a prison for 3 years, and I tried to be a Good Allied Health Professional inside a very evil institution and got written up, moved around, and eventually fired for it, even though I had an excellent work record.

So, all the Good Cops are doing other jobs than being cops. Good Cops are Fired or Retired Cops. LOL! (Oh, and I actually know some cops who were fired or pushed to quit cuz they were good.)