I’m coming to the chi for a few days, what’s a few spots you recommend to eat and aslo visit

I’m sure you’ve come and gone by now.  Sorry.  I gotta a back long on my blog’s Q&A feed.  

If you are sending time sensitive questions try going non-Anon, I try to get to those first.  

You know Chicago is the most segregated city in the US right, and I don’t know your Race or ethnicity, so I can’t really give you any good recommendations, so it woulda been a bust even if I got your Q in time. 

Also, I don’t know about Chicago nightlife, I just don’t get down like that, I only eat at Vegan and Vegan friendly joints and I’m lucky to do that more than once a month (I’m poor!), I go to discount or free plays at the Goodman Theater, I go to a lot of lectures around town (just saw Christian Parenti at the UofC a while ago, fo free), I comb the discount bin at GameStop for $9.99/or less XboX games when I got a little extra loot (like I said, I’m fucking poor).  I also attend family gatherings, or Vegan dinner parties at #KingDeeda’s home (but they don’t want me bringing internet strangers with me).  Oh, and I roam Hyde Park for books people throw out, you’d be really surprised at the kinda text they throw away; fucking snobby, rich, college students, knowledge is so wasted on them.  I dug a text titled Development & Social Welfae: Indonesia’s Experiences Under the New Order, out of the trash in Hyde Park today!  I’ve started reading it already. Imma post an image of the text on Instagram, and brag about the find.  LOL!

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t wanna come to the Chi and live my life for the time you here.   

The only interesting shit I do is organizing for Global Liberation in opposition to White Domination, but that ain’t shit you can get into over a visit; so I’m the worse person to ask about what to do in the Chi.

Here’s a pic of me, doing the shit that I do. See how boring that is?  I’m designing a website for our newest cooperative enterprise: African World Order: Apparel & Sundries (shameless plug), with my drank in the white cup (organic green tea with a dab of agave). So boring!  My life is boring!!!  

Now you got me depressed!  Fuck you Anon, and don’t come back to Chicago! Oh wait, you didn’t even ask me all of that did you?  

Sorry; let me just answer your question:
No Anon, I have no recommendations for you.