Man, look, your stripper post about those stripper prayers in the fucking strip joint, doesn’t have the revolutionary potential you think it has. In fact it has none at all. Those hos are a lost case only interested in getting butt injections and trying to snare the next famous baller than anything about liberation and whatnot. You fucked up on that one homie. If they read your post they would laugh and call you a cornball and ankh nigga.

Thanks Stripper Whisperer. 

I guess I’m not as keen on interpreting, predicting, and understanding Strippers as you are. 

Another problem I have is that I don’t define people by their job titles.  Having a prestigious job don’t make you a good person, just as having a demeaning job dosen’t make you less than human; so I think that Strippers have a wide array of views, education, understanding, and goals for their lives just like you Anon. 

When I read your comments, I hear echos of House Ni99as standing in Massa’s mansion, wearing his cast off suit, holding a try and handkerchief, looking out of one of the big windows at the Field Ni99as, slowly shaking his head.  Talking about how them dumb, dirty Field Ni99as are a “lost cause,” only interested in shuckin and jivin.   

Come down off your High Horse, and remember that some of our greatest freedom fighter came from the bottom of the social hierarchy, that the most Revolutionary women were considered to be unladylike, harlots, and dirty in their eras.

Go back and read the post again, look beyond that asses, and even the prayer circle, and try to understand the context, look at all the layers.

As far as all that “lost cause” talk, I’d say; it takes one to know one.