Who needs a viable ecosystem, fertile soil, access to fresh uncontaminated water, and clean air when you can have Cops patrol your streets in luxury cars.

Who doesn’t love Fascism draped in Opulence?

Western Culture, with it’s pathological materialism and drive for expansion and consumption, is the deadliest weapon to come from the Eurocentric Mentality, even more deadly than Nuclear Bombs and Weaponized Drones….because it is that mentality and culture that gives rise to such weapons.

This is the kinda shit that the New Negros look up to. This is the type of “development” they want to bring to the African Diaspora and Africa, we need to wake up and forged a new…a true path.

Unless of course this shit is attractive to you….then we really don’t have much to discuss.

(Funny how they love to overlook the enslavement, ecocide, racism, sexism, and poverty that supports the Dubai economic Boom, and Capitalism in general.)