Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Lebron Comes Full Circle.

I will be the first to admit, I know next to nothing about Pro-Sports, or the talented and rich Ball-Chasers who play them.

What I do know about them I don’t get from watching games, because I never watch the games, or the sports media, because I never watch the sports media, I get it from the people I interact with and back ground conversations.

I picked up years ago that Lebron was the next Jordan, that he was gonna take the NBA to the next level. After showing his talent, as both an athlete and a businessman he crossed the White masses for pursuing his own personal and financial interested instead of fulfilling their fantasies of a homegrown sports hero bringing home a national championship.

Then came the Lebron Hate, it was deep and blatantly Racist. These Racist, rabid sports fans really believed that Lebron owed them something, them personally, and to the Racist state of Ohio, this Racist nation, the Racist NBA. The same America that taught us pursue our own selfish Self-interest under Capitalism, got really pissed off when one of their Race Horses….their Gladiators….their property, that they drafted, bought and paid for, groomed, did exactly what we where told was the essence of America and Capitalism; he did what was best for him and his family regardless of how others were felt or were impacted.

Now, I started to observe this shit after the Lebron Hate went viral. I didn’t give a damn about about the teams or the ball-chasing, but I couldn’t miss the political, historical, and cultural implications of what went down with Lebron.

The Lebron James experience is a microcosm of the Black experience, especially for those who’ve strive to succeed within the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and according to the definition of success as defined by Whites. If we fail, it’s because we are inferior, if we surpass them or succeed without their blessings and according to how they deem acceptable, then we are corrupt, evil, irresponsible, beastly, ect.

There’s this narrow window for the Black Strivers, the Black Elites (elite thinkers and athletes), the Monied Blacks to succeed in and still keep the blessings of the White Establishement.

I’ve never been a Black Elite, never will be, but in my formal education and social activism I’ve had an opportunity to work with and observe them for some time; and I tell you, they are all stuck in this narrow lane of legitimate Black Success. They can’t “stoop too low” or “be too Uppity” when they get to that level where they actually have the money and influence to actually challenge the White Elites. These Black Elites have to demonstrate that they have no intention of using their “power” to challenge the Status Quo, that they only seek to enjoy the material gains and social status money and exposure brings, but not to take power from those who hold real power. They have to know how to dance the dance, walk the walk, avoid making Whitey feel nervous or insecure about them being Black, having god-like talent, and way more Fiat currency than the average White person.

The White Elite are essentially like: “Have your fun Negro, but don’t cross us.” It’s not even like they have to be proven to want to challenge or take White Power away and replace it with Black Power, if they give the impression or illusion of too much independence or a desire for Power beyond purchasing power, or the power to influence fashion or superficial cultural trends; they will be attacked, or excluded.

Lebron got just a little taste of this exclusion and attack in the media, and he buckled. I’m sure he’s hired a White or Jewish Public Relations firm to rebuild his image, and is following their instructions to a tee. I’m sure Lebron was like; “damn, even after winning rings in Miami, I still ain’t getting that Uncle Jordan love and acceptance from the White majority, damn!”

I guess he didn’t learn from the experience of Muhammad Ali; he didn’t know that if you don’t properly bow down to the larger demands of White Domination, if you wiggle out of that invisible Box of Black Subordination, then it don’t matter if you are winning championships, world series, or belts; you will still be hated and excluded from the inner circles of White Upper Society.

We can safely say that he’s learned now tho.

Lebron is now a pitch man for the US Empire, if you own a gaming system you will see Lebron’s cartoon, “The Lebrons” doing promos for the military. He’s also participated in the ultimate “Put a Strong Black Man in his Proper Place Ritual: wearing a wig and dress.” I’m sure there’s also much more shit like this to come as Lebron decides that money and adoration from Black fans is not enough, that he wants the love and acceptance of the White masses, he wants to show them that his talent, influence, and riches are not threat to the White Power Structure, that he only wants to buy what they are willing to sell, and willing to sell the rest of us whatever the Elite determine we should buy.

I know I don’t have to tell yall to review the history of Lebron’s relatively short professional career, or to watch him from here forward, I know yall gon do that anyway. I will suggest that yall watch with a critical mind, look deeper.

For the Black community, sports is entertainment, a way to blow off steam and show some local and region pride; but to the Empire and White Power Structure they are so much more, sports are all about social control, mass indoctrination, and psychological conditioning for the Elites that own the game and the players.

Lebron has come full circle yall, he dabbled with pissing off the White masses and decided he ain’t about that life like Muhammad Ali, Craig Hodges, Paul Robeson, and many other Black athletes who Bucked the System instead of Buck Dancing for the System.

Lebron is doing all he can to “repair his public image,” but at what cost? What lessons can we glean from his experiences?

Anyway, I don’t like posting about sports because I hate when people talk about issues they don’t really know about, but this one is too important to overlook. Or, this all could be in my head, and Lebron going back to where Whitey wanted him to be and donning a dress are all just career moves free of Racial and Historical implication.