I don’t understand the point of this new movie called “Dear White People”. Check the synopsis “A satire that follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular African American-themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film explores racial identity in post-racial America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world.”

I don’t really understand it either, I’ve seen some clips, it is good satire, but that’s all I can say about it….well not all I can say:

Since our Emancipation to now the Ivy League, Striving, Monied Members of the Black Racial Under Caste have always sought Integration, and whenever the Black Lumpen and working-classes have organized for Liberation and Independence the Ivy League Negros have took the helm of the struggles….wait, I’m sorry, they were placed at the helm of our struggles; struggles they didn’t originate and guided us right back to Integration, Assimilation, Protest, Demonstrations, Prayer, and Voting.

Everywhere European Colonization was established they erected this Upper Crust of the Oppressed to be the Role Models, the Standard, the Leaders of the Oppressed masses.  Their also had the responsibility to quell any rebellions and to offer the promise of success to the oppressed masses if they only obey, work hard, and follow all the other nuances like proper grammar and attire (we know there are only so many select slots in the Upper Crust of the Oppressed, so it begins this savage competition among the oppressed for those slots, and feeds disunity; but that’s another discussion).

The colonizers did this in India, China, Africa, Latin America, among the Native Americans, in among the Africans in America, everywhere. 

So I think we need to look at this “Dear White People” in the full context and history of the so-called Black Elites.

Just imagine, that as Whites take their expression of Racism from the underground, where we forced them to take it in the 50s and 60s with the Black Power and Black Liberation struggle, and bring that expression of Racism back to the mainstream, not just online in the comments section of many websites, but on the movie screen, in their communities, and government agencies.  Michelle Alexander articulated we are in the mist of a “New Jim Crow,” (she came to the conclusion late as hell but because she’s a member of that so-called Black Intelligentsia her facts about racism are more valid than the “un-lettered” Black people who were talking about the New Jim Crow 20+ years before her.) 

Racism for the Black masses is deadly, it is bloody, it is extremely painful, it is estimated that over 50,000 Black people die every year as a direct result of institutional racism (I think the numbers are more than double that); from substandard healthcare, exposure to toxins due to environmental racism, to blatant and state sanctioned murder by the cops, courts, and prison systems.  Racism is also higly profitable, generating billions for not only Whites, but other Parasitic racial/ethnic groups who take full advantage of Black dysfunction and oppression.

So, what do the “Ivy League” Black folks, our current and future leaders do, they make a movie showing Racism to be a quirk, that it’s about White people touching our hair, or being out of touch with contemporary Urban slang, or not knowing the appropriate tittle to use for various racial minorities. 

They seem to be asserting that we can address Racism my educating White people on their humorous unconscious Racism, that by giving them a little taste of their own medicine; not genocidal medicine, not mass incarceration medicine, not colonization and wealth appropriation medicine; but giving Whites a taste of their “can I touch you’re hair medicine,” of “you’re cute for a Black girl” medicine, we can enlighten Whites and reduce racism and separation of the races. 

I mean the movie seem to drop some jewels, like explaining that Black can’t be racist, or to call out White Privilege and shit, but how deep can we expect it to go and still get mainstream exposure and rotation for the film.

I just hope it dosen’t have a generation of youth thinking White Privilege is just White people getting quicker service at restaurants, or getting into better schools, but about being able to invade entire nations, kill millions of their people, and run off with trillions in stolen loot; and not even be called a criminal, but a respected member of society; that’s White Privilege; the right to commit genocide and have the victims of that genocide feel guilty for causing too much disruption as they march to the execution chamber.

I don’t mean to playa hate the film, and to be honest, beyond the few clips, I had no intention of seeing the film; but I’ve made it a think to review and criticize movies I have not seen or never will see; that’s like my thing, LoL!  Peep my reviews of “Red Tails” and “42.”

If not for you question I would have kept my views about “DWP” to myself because it gets exhausting deflating tires from bandwagons on social media, people will drown you in disapproving comments.  I just need to stick to critiquing shit people already hate.  LoL!

Imma end this with some positive shit, just in case the movie goes places I don’t suspect it will, and really hit at the heart of White Domination and the Omnicide it’s brining to the world.

Positive shit 1:
If “Dear White People” starts a dialogue within the community, maybe it can be a springboard to a real discussion of Race and Oppression, perhaps some Pan-Africanist can inject some real analysis and radicalism in that discussion.

Positive shit 2:
I think the movie could be a good introduction to Racism, Classism, and White Privilege for those who are oblivious to such issues, then maybe it will spark them to look deeper.


I wish you hadn’t asked you question Anonymously, then I could shut all the “Playa Hater” accusation to you.