Greetings Diallo. I been following your post on Facebook a small amount of time but in that time I’ve learned soooooo much and I appreciate you. My question is what are your views on spanking children? I’ve seen some Pan Africans are for spanking their children as long as it’s not abusive while others call it “slave mentality”.

I’m not an expert on the history of Spanking, I’m read about the Slave origins, but it obviously pre-dates chattel slavery.

My position is that parents and families should do what they think is best based on their own insights and experiences.  I was spanked, and I’m not above giving a swat to get the attention of the little one, but since my oldest is 12 and able to reason, I talk to him….or nag, if you ask him.

My relatives think I’m way too lenient, I just visited my folks and I think I could have auctioned off an ass-whooping of my younest to my older sisters, uncles, my grandmother, and mother; they would have put up top dollar to beat his ass.  LoL!  I don’t think I’ve had a visit with my grandmother and she didn’t advise me to whoop them.

My Grandmother and my mothers whooped me and my uncles, we are all upstanding individuals; loyal husbands, fathers, and community members.  Granted the whoopins were few and far between and never causing injury.

Since our children are a re-mix of our own DNA, they are us, we should raise our children based on our own mentalities, and personalities, and values (assuming we don’t suffer from any psychological issues or addictions that impair our judgement).

I don’t think all spanking, pinching, swatting, or yelling is child abuse; and I think those people who are syrupy sweet and fake as hell with their children are planting seeds of Insanity and Dysfunction as much as those who go overboard with punishing their children.

I think giving a little pinch to the “fat meat” of  the thigh, or a swat to the butt of a kid that runs into the street on too many times is cool; I ain’t with the stripping bare and beating with all kinds of instruments.  Plus; my sons hate lectures more than anything at this point, I think they’d welcome the rod. LoL.