What are your thoughts on Morgan Freeman?

He’s an immense talent, the kinda talent that only comes along once or twice a generation; but he be on way too much New Negro bullshit for me to admire him beyond his artistic/acting ability.  So, fuck him til he gets his (ideological) shit together.  #NNSEP

Or maybe I should not be too hard on him, maybe planing all them Sambo Saviors of Whitey characters warped his outlook.  LOL!

You know, Black Star, the co-host on my radio show, ZeroTo100 Radio (#shamelessplug), has been ranting about how much attention and weight we give to the actions and opinions of celebrities, artist, and athletes; so I’m glad you asked, cuz reading this will likely piss him off. LOL!

Oh, Oh, shit, wait, I almost forgot; didn’t Freeman have a long-term sexual relationship with his Step-granddaughter?!!?!?!  Fuck! I heard some shit about that years ago.

I’m gon have to demote Morgan Freeman from New Negro down to Coon.  If he feels this demotion to be unfair he’s free to appeal this discretion.  Just have him contact the Treasonous Black Classification Society; I’m the founder, chair, co-chair, treasurer, and secretary of this TBCS so I don’t think his chances of being upgraded from Coon back to New Negro are too good for him, but I’m willing to review his case.  

MF needs to get his ass outta Hollywood and return to the Hood for Reeducation.  Hollywood be ruining the best Negros we send them. SMH.

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