Are there any REAL Pan-African groups that I can look into because I tried looking them up online and they look suspicious. There was one “Pan-African” website that had Al Sharpton on it. Do they even exist? If so, where are they?

No organization is perfect, or as they would say within the Movement, “no organization is without contradictions.”  So don’t look for perfection, look for functionality and consistency. 

Kwame Ture instructed that we all become disciplined members of a Pan-African Organization; he stated that “if you can’t find one (that suits you) then you should start one.”

I’m personally at the “start one,” stage myself, so I can’t vouch for any existing organization aside from my own; the Pan-African Alliance; which is in its embryonic stages. 

I wish I had a better a answer for you, if you also go the “start one” route, I’m down to assist you, we need as many functional Pan-African formations as we can organize and sustain.