Register Race Offenders…

White Aggressors need to be labeled #RepeatRaceOffenders, and be#RegisteredRaceOffenders, and have no direct contact with non-Whites without direct & monitored supervision of armed Black men and women.

We can fit Racist with comfortable electronic monitoring devices, and produce a free App. so that Blacks can check to see how many Racist are in their vacinity.

There should be a RRO site that Black can check before we engage in casual or formal interactions with Whites.

There is enough documented predatory behavior of Whites towards Blacks (that they don’t even know) to justify this mandate.

If we can register Sexual Predators, Felons, and Fathers who are delinquent on their support payments, why can’t we label, monitor, and track Racist?

I mean, every single time they look for patterns of Racial aggression and discrimination they always find it, in Housing, Banking, Employment, Education, Policing, Entertainment, Medical Care…everywhere, every time. Even in Religious communities, like Black Mormons being denied opportunities to elevate to prophet status (or whatever-the-fuck the call it), or Black Seven Day Adventist having dilapidated religious retreat facilities while the White SDA’s living lavish and shit.

Hell, they just found entrenched patters of discrimination and Racist aggression in the New York City Fire Department! How the fuck you manage to fit Racism in while fighting fires!!! Shit!

So, we can start by allow Racist to voluntarily register, then we can start a “Report-a-Racist” hotline.

Racism is obliviously an incurable disease, but it can be monitored and we can protect people. I think this #ReportARacist policy will benefit Racist as much as it’s victims, hell they been profiling us, Stop & Frisking us, and monitoring us for our own good since slavery, so they obviously think it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

(Note: All the #Yurugus who jump on here and call me Racist should be immediately reported to the #ReportARacist hotline, when it comes online.)

Oh, and non-Racist Whites, we will advocate that you get a doubly secure anonymous hotline cuz we know how hard it is to snitch on your kinfolk.