On White Rappers…

Don’t bring no White Rappers to me, I ain’t hearing them…they have no standing.

I will conciser listening to a White MC once there is a Black person who’s top artist and selling millions in these following genres….

1. Death Metal
2. Hatecore
3. Symphony & Classical
4. Andalusian
6. Gregorian Chanting

yeah, that, and after we’ve received full reparations, and all of the artifacts and other treasures looted from African by Whites and their cousins (the Arabs) are returned.

Then, I’ll conciser listening to a White rapper, or a White person engaged in any other form of culture banditry.

People need to understand that music ain’t just entertainment, it’s politics, it’s culture, it’s a fucking weapon…just ask Fela Kuti Anikulapo if you don’t believe me.

I’m a student…naw, a disciple of Del Jones, and I don’t give weight to any Culture Bandits, fuck em all.

Yall keep playing around with these culture bandits if yall want to, keep overlooking the open appropriation of your cultural capital for the sake if a good time, and you’ll see.

You’ll see what happens to a people who easily allow their culture to be penetrated or appropriated…they cease to be as a people, hell, the cease to be entirety.

That’s why all other cultures have certain cultural products they encapsulate withing their culture, within their race and they exclude or shun all others who attempt to partake in that aspect of their culture.

Yall can have Pop Music, that shit is a cultural waste land, but Hip Hop is hollowed ground, if it ain’t conceived in an African mind, and articulated trough African vocal cords…I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT SHIT!

I don’t listen to White/Anti-African MCs! Only African/Native/Aboriginal MCs!

You who talk the Hip Hop is Universal shit, take that somewhere else.

Shout out to Lord Jamar!