Legacies of Abuse and Dysfunction.

A woman who’s suffered a history of abuse will often develop a dependency on her abuser. She will often blame her self for the health, psychological, and material conditions that come as a result of abuse. She will even defend her abuser when others try to attack or hold the abuser accountable for the condition of the abused woman.

The abused woman will reject being called a victim, and pretend that she is not only an equal partner in the relationship, but take much of the blame for their own abuse. The abused woman often tries to change her appearance, the way she talks, how she relates, her overall way of being in order to gain acceptance and end the attacks of her abuser, but this never ends the abuse, if often increases it. The abused woman will often attack her own children, or others who are weaker than her as a means of reliving the pain of her own abuse, and feeling powerful within a powerless situation.

Now, extrapolate the behaviors of individually abused women, (men or children) and expand that to an entire race. Take the timeline of an abusive relationship (1-35 years) and expand it over centuries. Then you will better understand the African’s relationship to Europeans.

It will not only make clear why so many behave in such a dysfunctional manor, but also why so many Black people are adamant about not blaming or holding Whites, the Government, or other institutions of the System of Global White Domination accountable for the countless atrocities and ongoing oppression/exploitation/genocide against the Global African Community.

I understand why I encounter so much hostility and gain so little support from Blacks people when I expose the oppression and exploration and organize to end it. No matter how much evidence, documentation, or statistics I provide to show that African people are under systematic attack from outside, and organized forces; there are those who will roll their eyes and accuse me of ‘blaming the White man,’ for ‘problems that Niggas bring on themselves.’

These people literally derive pleasure from talking about how ‘fucked up,’ and ‘ghetto, Niggas are.’ They truly believe that we are the problem and we deserve the multi-generational poverty, genocidal mass incarceration, and being abused by all institutions of power, from the police to the social welfare agencies. They think we have it too good and still get more than we deserve from this System.

There are people who will talk for hours about ‘what’s wrong with Black people,’ but will run out of the room if you engage in discussion about the real criminals killing the world, or practical solutions for changing the Black Condition.

I once had a friend to started beating up a guy he saw beating up a woman outside a night club, and the woman began to attack my friend, we had to pull her off of him, this woman literally tried to skin him alive for attacking her attacker. This is a metaphor for my years of organizing for Black liberation and empowerment.

I really appreciate those who can engage this struggle, and hold fast in the face of internal mockery, betrayal, abuse, and neglect. It is not easy, and it will age you, impoverish you, and even strain your personal relationships.

It hurts me personally to have to beg for pennies (and not get them) to fund programs that are saving and enriching the lives of Black children whom the society has deemed not worth properly housing, feeding, or educating; but I see us throw billions at people and activities that degrade us, and move us backwards.

All that being said, I don’t think there is any more vital and important work for any Black man or woman to be doing beyond Liberation Black people and the planet.

Please help me continue this work. Please let me know if you can offer support or cooperation, and how I can do the same for you and your efforts.