In addition to other activities, I frequently read your blogs to reverse/undo the eurocentric information/perspective indoctrination I’ve underwent majority of my life. I am extremely bothered, aware and uncomfortable with the state of my subconscious because it wasn’t cultivated/grounded in Pan-Africanist/Revolutionary ideology. I understand there isn’t one answer to my question but what would you advise I/others do to counteract the psychological colonization we’ve been subjected to?

A healthy mind is fed by appropriate action, and appropriate actions is sustained by a healthy mind. 

Resistance is the only path to mental health for Black people, that’s it.  If we are not engaged in Revolutionary Resistance to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, then we are insane; we are mentally ill, mentally enslaved, or whatever we wanna call it. 

Franz Fanon laid it all out in The Wretched of the Earth; he articulated that the colonized man’s path to mental health leads right through the heart of his Oppressors, or head, or any vital organ.  Fanon was speaking literally and figuratively, you can target the heart of the Systems and Institutions of the Oppressors as well as the Oppressors themselves.

Decolonization is not a state, it is a process, even Psychological Decolonization; you can’t simply think differently, or feel differently, you have to act differently, you have to change fundamental social and economic relations within you community, in the society, and across the globe in order to fully decolonize; the decolonization of the mind is tied to decolonization of the land, and vice versa.   

I was born into Oppression, I live in Oppression, but my resistance, ongoing, unrelenting resistance, my organizing and planning grounds me, it keeps me sane and sustains me.  If I tried to “be a good person,” or “succeed” in America without understanding the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and Omnicidal Industrial Capitalism; I’d be crazy or on my way to crazy; I’d be Mentacidal.

So I advise you Organize, Organize, Organize, and offer unyielding opposition to Oppression, and give your live to building and advancing Pan-African Liberation and Solidarity, that’s the only thing that makes sense for any African on this planet in this day.