This might be a weird question but… what are your thoughts on trolling, it’s origins and present from a pan African perspective? I notice a lot of trolls tend to be white, raised or based in the suburbs and almost always racist. I’m sure you got some interesting thoughts on this.

Trolling is an expression of pathological insecurity; which commonly afflicts White males “raised or based in the suburbs.” 

They don’t have any real counter-arguments, the evidence to back of their views don’t exists, then they are exposed to a virtual world of non-White people articulating their history, achievements, visions, and beauty.  At the same time these same non-Whites are exposing the crimes, atrocities, and falsehoods that White Domination is based on.

So, what can a White dude do, who ain’t ready to go the Dylann Roof route do besides hop on to the web, Anonymously, or under a false (often non-White) identity and spew their indoctrination while attacking others? 

These chumps have few other options.  They could target the White Elites, who are the real threat to them, but they are stupid, and they are cowards; so there’s no chance of these White Racist Internet Trolls (WRITs) identifying or targeting the real threats to their sad little existences. 

Trolling is nothing new, before Blacks, Natives, Women, Gays, the Disabled, and other vulnerable groups organized and decided to fight back White males used to engage in Real-Life-Trolling (RLT).  They’d approach a gathering socially ostracized people, or an individual who’s vulnerable and abuse them, mock them, threaten them, or even kill them without consequences. 

Now Trolls have to at least earn a badge and uniform to get away with Real-Life-Trolling (RLT).  Many WRITs resent the fact that they are limited to the internet and they want to return to RLT like their grandfathers used to do. 

This image of an example of RTL:

When you encounter RTL, you have to fight back, but when you encounter Internet Trolling, the best move is to Exposure.  Expose their insecurity, hostility, ignorance, and pettiness, that’s how I deal with WRITs.