What’s Love Got to Do With It: White Males & Black Brides.

Yesterday I posted a Drapetomedia Meme mocking the trend of well-to-do White men taking on Black brides, and the overwhelming pride and ego boost so many Black people are gaining from seeing White elites who are willing to marry Black women.

I will not get into my views on marriage, but you must know that marriage is a political, cultural, economic, and national institution, it ain’t about two people who love each other marriage has never been about that. In fact in most nations marriage and family is intensely studied and considered a National Security issue.

I knew the image I doctored would piss people off, I’m quite used to Black folks being pissed off a me, everyday I get emails, Fb messages, and sometimes phone calls from pissed off Black people. Comes with the territory, but there are responses I’ve gotten over the last few days that not only sicken me, they almost drive me to the point of despair. Seriously.

I’ve gotten several comments from Black people who feel that I have no right to criticize Black women who marry White males because over 72% of Black women are single, and so many Black men have succumbed to depression, addiction, deep poverty, mass incarceration, and homicide. They stated that it is not only rational, but encouraging to see Black women seeking companionship and security with White males!

Now just think about that rationalization, really conciser that shit!!

I will put this in terms that Negros can understand.

(See: Negros fail to see their own humanity, therefore they can’t see the humanity of other Africans, so the shit that happens to Africans don’t matter to them. You often have to substitute White people in the same situation as Blacks so they can get the gist of what you are trying to communicate…so here we go.)

Imagine in the pre-WWII era of Nazi Germany that Jewish women, after seeing their men under constant attack from the government decide that the Jewish male just isn’t any good. That instead of seeing that they needed to unite with Jewish men to fight a common enemy, they began to join the attack against them. That they began to criticize Jewish men for always being arrested and being sent off to jail…I mean, the concentration camp.

Image if Jewish women began to accept the Nazi propaganda in movies like The Eternal Jew, that stated that Jews were the cause of all the problems in German society, from drugs, to crime, to moral and cultural decay. What if, as the Jewish community was being shattered from the outside, Jewish women began to see Aryan men as a viable option for themselves, and Jewish men simply stated: “Who can blame them?” Where would they, as a people, be today?

I got punks quoting statics about the sorry state of the Black man, and the dysfunctional Black family as if I don’t know them. Then these Muthafuckas, yes, I’m calling them Muthafuckas; tell me that it’s cool for Black women to pair off with White men because there are not enough good Black men to go around.

Imagine any other people who’d seek refuge from affliction from those who afflict them!

Black women marrying White males is not a solution to any of the problems that plague Black people, at best it is a weak attempt at escape, but more so it is a total surrender and an embrace of the genocidal agenda of the White elites.

Black people often display weaker survival instincts that fucking cockroaches! “I hate to say this about my people, but it’s true.”

Shit, I running out of ideas here. It seems like majority rules and the majority have consciously chosen self-delusion until they reach extinction.