What are your thoughts on Christopher Dorner? A lot of folk were saying on twitter and tumblr that we need another Chris Dorner? You agree or disagree?

I disagree, I don’t think the Black community needs any Dorners, at all, ever.

Dorner was a Black man raised around all Whites, who embraced the dominant culture and wanted the serve this oppressive culture on the front lines.  He served in the military and on the LAPD.

Dorner’s reactionary rampage was not about Liberation, Rebellion, or even Retaliations for ongoing oppression; it was a disgruntled employee taking revenge for a personal issue.  That’s all.

The Black Nationalist community is so starved for heroes apparently that they will elevate anyone to that status, even if that person was on the side of the oppressor up to the moment of their shooting spree.  

If Dorner had not been kicked off the force for “lying on a superior officer” he’d be bashing BLM protesters while wearing riot gear.  

Dorner should not be connected to Nat Turner, Mark Essex, or even (the alleged actions of) Micha Xavier; he’s more aligned with Cedric Ford; a mass shooter who had no political motivations for his actions, only personal vendettas.  

Dorner wasn’t lashing out because of historic injustices, or Racism, just cuz he wanted to punish those who got him fired from a job he loved so much; also, half of the victims were People of Color, so it’s really absurd that these Toxic Black Nationalist attempt to elevate him to Black Folk Hero status. 

Dorner’s Victims:

Dorner’s killings were not an act of Maximum Emergency Compensatory Justice, as outlined by Neely Fuller. (Look it up.)

I don’t advocate, condone, support, or engage in Reactionary moves, our people and struggle deserve and need better.