What are your thoughts on women like Ro Elori Cutno and Nojma Muhammad?

I was accused of bullying Ro Elori Cunto one time.  I was simply sharing her insane post and memes; I didn’t even know who the hell she was at the time, that shit just cracked me up, it was so damn absurd. 

Here’s an example of the kinda shit the put out here: 

Cutno made and promoted this Sandra Bland meme to help promote her “Man Leads” book.

Cutno and Muhammad, are simply products of the intensive Western indoctrination, the same indoctrination Black men and women have endured over generations with varying degrees of damage and recovery. The are also promoters of Mentacide from my point of view.  

These Sisters ain’t doing nothing put promoting Victorian Era standards and protocols for Black women, which is stupid as fuck for Black people to do because Blacks were considered sub-human during this oppressive era.

Here’s an excerpt from victorian-era.org dealing with the status and role of women:  “The only duty cast upon a Victorian woman was to keep her husband happy and raise her children for which they groomed right from their childhood days. The rights which the women enjoyed were similar to those which were enjoyed by young children whereby they were not allowed to vote, sue or even own property.”

That toxic mix of Victorian Era standards, chauvinistic anti-woman Abrahamic dogma (that saturates Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), and respectability politics is what these Sisters are pushing, and profiting from.  

What’s ironic is that these Black women imagine that they are promoting positive roles and images for Black women as they push the most degenerate and backwards ideas and standards for both Black women, Black men, and the Black family.  This family model isn’t even working for the White folks who invented and imposed this shit.

I don’t think these Sisters are evil, but they are very dangerous because their message is resonating with a lot of women, and even more men.

I and many others are on a different political, social, and ideological trajectory than they, and there’s no real point in debating them because they are not rational in their positions, they are purely dogmatic, their beliefs are impervious to facts or analysis.

The best course of action is to allow them to Self-Expose, and not allow them to distract from the real work of liberation.  

When their toxic Black Puritanism does become disruptive, then we will have to engage, and educate our community to the reality of the anti-Black origins, and non-viability of the ideas they are selling to our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and wives.