The Myth Of African Dependency.

One of the biggest myths about African people is our perceived dependency.  In this nation and all over the world Black people are portrayed as a drain on the system, in constraint need of welfare, Foreign Aid, Affirmative action, and Humanitarian intervention from Developed nations.  It doesn’t matter if we are citizens of those nations, live in the so-called Third World, or our Motherland of Africa; we are portrayed as beneficiaries of the benevolence of Whites, and a drain on their resources. 

The worst thing about this myth is the fact that so many Black people have bought into it.  There are Black people who believe that we are dependent on our oppressors, and are afraid to seek independence.  Then there are those Blacks who feel ashamed of this dependence and develop hostile attitudes towards themselves and all who look like them; thus, becoming an internal cancer on the Race, attacking us constantly on behalf of their Masters, and validating all injustices imposed on us.

 Providing historical or economic evidence about the Myth of African Dependence will not correct or eliminate this mythology, research and evidence will not work because myth, indoctrination, and propaganda are not based in facts or evidence, and don’t need facts or evidence to be perpetuated.  So telling the world the truth about who’s truly dependent, who’s wealth has been stolen, and who stole the wealth, who’s civilizations where built on the backs of others, who’s raping who’s resources and exploiting who’s culture; will not change the attitudes and behaviors of the Thieving, Invasive, Omnicidal Cultures that dominate the world.  Nor will it change the views and dysfunctional behaviors of the Africans/Black people who have been indoctrinated into the African Dependency Myth.  These Blacks thrive on Self-Rejection and the endless pursuit of integration and assimilation with their oppressors.  I’ve been studying, compiling research, and fighting to get useful information to my people and anyone else who will listen for most of my life and I have to say that only a small fraction, of an even smaller minority of people are moved by data, facts, evidence, etc.

The only thing that has the slimmest change of effectively Attacking the Dependency Myth is for Africans to develop a fully funded and global Pan-African Media Apparatus that deals with everything from entertainment, to news and analysis.  We must study intensely and develop methods for counter-indoctrination, and constantly produce and distribute counter-propaganda. 

The Dependence Myth is not just negative, or hurtful to our egos, it is actually deadly.  “Pity always degrades into hate,” and hate to dehumanization, violence, and murder/genocide.

As in any abusive relationship, be it an abusive husband and his wife, or an imperial nation and their subject; the abuser always tells the abused that they are noting without them, that the abuse is their fault, that the abuse is done to make them better.  The reality always is that the abuser’s identity is rooted in those they abuse, and the abuser is the truly dependent one, and their aggression is based on deep rooted insecurity and often various levels of psychopathology.  The Abuser tells the Abuse that they are incompetent and can’t do anything on their own, but when ever the Abused seeks to leave and make it on their own they are met with even greater violence or killed by the Abuser.  Now tell me that don’t mirror our history with Whites!

From the Black-to-Africa Movements of the Reconstruction Era, to the Universal Negro Improvement Association, to Malcolm X and the OAAU; every single time we’ve sought to distance ourselves, and build on our own apart from our Abusers, they become even more irrational and violent.  They tell us to go, then do everything in their power force us to stay,  they destroy our communities and economies, then bitch about having to support us with their taxes.  It is a vicious and bloody cycle. 

We are not dependent, we are oppressed; the only thing wrong with Black people is that we do not have direct, and full control of our own resources (just about all other Black problems stem from this).  Our fight is not against Racism, or chagrining the views of Racist; it is to secure our resources, to TAKE (not ask and appeal for) the Reparations owed us, to unite the African Diaspora, and sustainably develop the African Continent.