On Internal Enemies…

One of the main reasons the Cuban Revolution was successful & it’s leaders endured was because Castro, Che, and the Socialist leadership gathered up and ousted all of the damn Cuban Uncle Toms, Sell-Outs, and Western Sympathizers.

The same thing happened in China, Vietnam, India, and Russia.

In Haiti, Ghana, the Congo, South Africa, and across Africa and the African Diaspora the Liberation Struggles tried to compromise with Uncle Toms, Sell-Outs, and Western Sympathizers, they tried to Integrate non-Revolutionary elements into the government and allowed them to mobilize to subvert our Revolutionary struggles.

Review this history, examine it thorough, and incorporate this understanding as you work in your own organizations, as you build your movement, hell, remember this as you select a spouse or the person you gonna procreate with.

There’s no room for the Uncle Tom, New Negro, or those who hold to alien or counter-Revolutionary practices and ideas in our struggles.

Dealing with internal traitors is as important as dealing with external oppressors.

We must Expose, Isolate, and Expel those who don’t hold to our collective interest and empowerment, this is what I have come to call the New Negro Self-Exposure Protocol: #NNSEP.

Let’s learn the lessons that successful Revolutions have taught us.