On Feminism & Black Feminist:

Feminism is a movement of White women to get their equal share of the spoils of White Conquest, and their share of power in the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.

It also has the secondary goal of disrupting the cultural,social, and political cohesion of Africans and other POC by imposing Western concepts of Sex, Sexism, Sexual Equality, and the Conflicts between the Sexes (aka the Battle of the Sexes).

White Women go into cultures and civilizations that are thousands of years older than the West and tell POC how to relate to each other as men and women, while ignoring the fact that most of the problems between non-White men and women directly spawn from the disruptions and cultural contamination from Western colonialism and enslavement.

White Women telling Black Women how to relate to the Black Men or how to deal with issues between Black Women and Black Men, is like a mutant, estranged, disowned, unruly, brutal, and dysfunctional daughter telling her Mother (the Mother of all of Humanity) how to relate to her husband, sons, father, uncles, and brothers.

The Feminist ain’t got shit to tell Black Women, and hold no solutions for Black Women.

If not for the brutality and depravity of White Domination, more Black people would understand that, but many of us are traumatized, and a traumatized mind is not fully rational and very susceptible to manipulation; and the rhetoric of Feminism is extremely manipulative.

Feminist telling Black Women how to assert their power is no different than….

-White Christians telling Africans how to assert their Spirituality,
-White Economist telling Africans how to structure an Economy,
-White Rappers telling Africans how to create Music,
– White Chefs telling Africans how to hook up some food,

The shit just don’t make no sense!

If you see a Black Feminist, you will see a Black Woman who’s culturally and psychologically colonized; her goal is to relate to you as a White male, to impose the crimes of the White Man on the Black Man, to force the Black Man to surrender his just struggles for Liberation, and submit to a White Domination that allows White Women to rule and dominate on an equal level with White Men, thatis all any Feminist wants. If you don’t believe me just look at Hilliary Clinton, or any other White Women in power and tell me how they differ from White Males besides having ovaries instead of testicles.

If you reject Feminism and embrace Pan-Africanism, Black Feminist will attack you more aggressively than they attack Black men. They will try to shame you, call you primitive, accuse you of holding all Black Women back, and attempt to isolate you socially. They will even accuse you of not thinking for yourself and being controlled by a Man, or Men in general. They will show you as much contempt and disrespect as Sexist men do, but claim they are doing is for your own good…just like Sexist men do.

Brothers & Sisters:
We need to reject Feminism, and all other ISMs spawned from the culture and mentality of our oppressors. We must fight Sexism (which is a very real problem, and a great obstacle to our overall Liberation) from our own cultural context and Pan-African value system. There are no White Solutions to Black Problems, only White Substitutions, which are often worst than the problems they replace.

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