When Justice Ain’t Justice: The NBA Banning of Sterling.

All of the Social indicators for Black people have declined since we won our Civil Rights. Not just objective indicators like economics, two-parent households, home ownership, chronic disease affliction, life expectancy, incarceration rates, etc.; we have also fallen in the more subjective areas of community cohesion, group happiness, and optimism for the future. What Whites realized in the 1960s was that something had to change, and change...
If I was a fan of Lil Whine when he said that rhyme about Emmett Till, and after Nicki called Malcolm X a “Looking Ass Nigga,” I wouldn’t be anymore. I think Rappers like Lil Whine are actually afraid that if Whites started openly saying Ni@@er and disrespecting Black women publicly, they wouldn’t pay him to do it for them. I suspect that’s the real reason Lil Whine made this video.(Source:

Understand the Difference…

I think we need to work really hard to make sure Black people understand the difference between: 1. Peace & Pacification. 2. Non-Violence & One-Sided Violence. 3. Wealth & Consumption Capacity. 4. Citizenship & Subjugation. 5. Racism & Global White Domination. 6. Education & Indoctrination. 7. Entertainment & Escapism. 8. African Spirituality & Alien Religions. 9. Verifiable Facts & Unstudied Opinions.
This is not ‘taking a stand,’ it’s not even a protest; this is children acting out, this is property having a slight malfunction. This is worse than doing nothing at all. Fuck these Ball Chasers if that’s the best they could come up with (and get approval from the front office for).
It is better to fail at Resistance than to succeed at Submission. Diallo Kenyatta

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