Bro. Diallo, I have listened to and read your critiques of the black misleadership class and I wholeheartedly agree with and share your analysis. However, I would like to know your thoughts on what leadership is. Do you think leadership should be collective? Do you totally reject the idea of individual leadership and/or leaders? How do you think we as a people should go about systemically developing grassroots leadership?

A people should be lead by their vision and mission, that’s it.

Who is the Leader of America? Who’s the Leader of Europe? Who’s the Leader of the Zionist Movement? Who’s the Leader of Capitalism? Who’s the Leader of Global White Domination?

For the West, their goal is World Domination, and that is the mission that guides all other actions and formations.  I don’t matter if it’s a White Totalitarian Dictatorship, a White Social Democracy, or even a White Collective Hippie Commune; they always end up with the same outcome: Whites over everyone else, White needs met over everyone else, White control of the resources.  That’s because before they determine their leadership structure, they first make sure that the fundamental mission and vision is satisfied.

If Whites do allow a leader to slip in who fails to uphold their fundamental mission and vision they will vote out, or assassinate that leader, even if he or she is popular. 

From the Rockefeller down to the poorest White person in any Appalachian Trailer Park; all Whites…(well the vast majority of White, or the Whites that matter)…hold to the mission and vision of the West.  

The few Racial, Anarchist, or truly progressive Whites who oppose the White Mission and World Vision will be relegated to the fringes of White society and culture, they will be mocked if they are not organized, or they will be killed if they get organized in their opposition to their people’s mission and vision.  

That’s something we often overlook; all the Whites who Whites have killed in their pathological drive to rule the world…, but, anyway.

So, Africans should be lead by out mission and vision; it don’t matter if it’s just me, you, and 5 other Africans on the planet who hold to a particular vision and mission for Africans; we can build from there if we are sincere and fully committed to that mission and vision.  The Chinese Revolution was sparked by just 25 people; 25 people had a vision and mission, and discipline to transform China and billions of Chinese.  The Systems of White Domination are guided and dominated by just 1% of Whites!  

So it ain’t about quantity, it’s all about quality, intensity, and competency.  

Once you have a defined and clear mission and vision; it really don’t matter what kinda Leadership structure you erect, in fact, as your mission and vision advances you will go through many manifestations of leadership; the Japanese in their rise to an economic power went from Monarchical Leadership to Democratic and Technocratic Leadership.  The US has had Theocratic, Autocratic, Democratic, Progressive, and now Kelptocratic Leadership in its time; but the mission and vision has held through all manifestations. 

The exact form of leadership should be determined by the environment and task at hand.  Your military, guerrilla, or armed resistance should be strict top down, your community level leadership should be communal, or elder based, the institutions and state should have accountable/elected bureaucrats and officials leading them.  

Black people have erected some of the best leaders in the world; but they end up fighting for dead-end causes (integration), or they are taken down by our enemies and it takes us generations to recover; because we lack a mission and visions that spans generations and that is bigger than any individual within our community and organizations. 

Our Vision: A liberated and sustainable world, Our Mission: the total and permanent Liberation of African people through Revolutionary Struggle, should lead us and dictate to us, and all other leaders should be measured and valued based on how they best advance the Vision and Mission.